InDesign Basics

You need:

  1. Adobe InDesign
  2. Mac or PC

Install InDesign

Once InDesign is installed, we can get started.

The InDesign homepage.

Press ‘Create New’ on the left toolbar. In the right-hand menu change the 210mm to 297mm and then click create.

How the page should look now.

The first thing that must be done is to decide which shape will be the outline of our logo. We can choose between a Square, Hexagon or Circle. We’ve decided to go with a circle, but you can choose whichever one you want. You can change it by right clicking on the Shape Selector:

The shape selection tool.

Once you’ve selected your shape, click on the Shape Selector and position your mouse at the top left hand corner of the pink quite square and then drag the mouse to the bottom right of the guide square. You’ve created the shape! Now, in the top toolbar, add a line around the shape by changing the line to 1 pt:

How to add a line around the shape.

Next, we need to fill the shape. First, we need to select a colour. To do this, select one of the colour in the tool at the bottom of the left menu. Use the colour slider to select the correct colour that you want then click ‘OK’. This should fill your shape:

Next, we need to add text. It’s best to have only a few characters. Once you’ve decided, use the text box tool to create a box. Click on the T in the left toolbar. Drag the mouse from the top left point of the X inside your shape to the bottom right of the X. It should look like this:

Set the font size to 250 pt in the top tool bar. Also, centre the text. Using the font selector in the top left of the screen, choose a font that you like. we’re going with Courier. Now, type in your chosen text!

Use the font size tool to maximise your text. If it disappears, turn the text size down. We now have a finished logo!

Now we need to export it. Use the keyboard shortcut : Command +E. This will open up the export menu. Change the name to whatever you want and save to wherever you wish. Use the dropdown menu to export as PNG. DON’T USE JPEG!

You can, if you wish, save the InDesign file so it can be edited again. To do this, hit Command + S and save it in the same folder where you exported the logo to.

We’re done!

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