Garage Band


Go to the App Store and search for ‘Garage Band’ Download it and open it up.

Download any additional sounds. (there will be popups to help you do this) Let them download and once they have downloaded `Garage Band’ will launch.

Click on ‘Empty Project’ and you’ll get an empty project window with a pop-up asking what track type you would like.

Press the one with a microphone on it:

Press on the ‘Apple Loops’ button in the top Right-Hand corner:

Click on one and drag it in.

Press the play button at the top of the window.

Drag some more in below the one you put in and play around.

Once you are done playing around with sounds, put your cursor to the top of the screen to show the menu and click on share:

Press ‘Song To Music…’

On the pop-up replace the Title section with your song’s title and do the same for the Album and Artist. Press the ‘Share’ button.

Once it has sent the song to music the Music app will open and your song will play!

Send us your songs at [email protected] With ‘Project GarageBand’ as the subject. Drag the song from Music into a mail message.

Thats it!

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