GarageBand 2


Open last week’s GarageBand file/project.

This week we’re going to be adding lyrics to your song.

Brainstorm time!

Firstly we’re going to have to think about what you would like your song to be about: basically, we don’t want to do some mumbling so you need lyrics and for lyrics to make sense you need a theme to the song.

Open the Notes app:

Make a new note:

Write word that relate to your songs theme.

In the GarageBand project play the song and try making some sentences up.

Once you have something you like press the ‘+’ button and add an audio/microphone track. Press the red button on the top of the GarageBand window. This is a record button. GarageBand will give you a countdown and start playing your song while recording your voice. Just sing along until you want to stop recording. Press the Record button.

You can take out recordings by selecting them and pressing Backspace. Repeat the recording process as much as you would like until you’re happy with the recording. You can put your song in music using the method that you used last week.

That’s it for this week!

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