How to make your internet faster – for free!

This project is going to show you how to make your internet faster – completely for free! We’re going to do this by changing your DNS to a faster provider. This also make your internet more private, so it’s a win-win.

What’s DNS?

A DNS is a server that turns URLs ( into IP addresses (192.145.655.983)

Right now, your computer is using the one your ISP gave you. They are terrible. Also, some ISPs can sell the data of what websites you visited to advertisers. Not great.

How do I fix it?


Go into System Preferences>Network>Advanced>DNS

Once you’re in your DNS settings, go to the DNS servers Menu, and add and then add

That’s it!


Go to Settings>WiFi>Info (the little I next to your Network)

Scroll down to Configure DNS, click on it.

Remove the current DNS servers and then add and then

That’s it!

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