iOS 15 Hands On

We got access to the iOS 15 Beta, so here’s all the brand new features in it!

Firstly, Focus. This is an adapted version of Apple’s pre-existing Do Not Disturb Feature.

You set it up in settings, choosing who and what can send you notifications when this feature is enabled.

Here you can see the new notification design. The main change is that the app’s logo is larger, in the main body of the notification.

Next, a very exiting piece of news! FaceTime Links! You can send these to anyone. Even to windows and Android users!

Another FaceTime piece of news. A redesigned menu bar!

Safari now, and it’s that Apple have added the text zoom back in!

Safari, redesigned! The menu bar now disappears and reappears based on when you scroll. It now is also floating.

Now, a privacy feature. It’s basically ‘Apple VPN’. Apple calls it Private Relay. It hides you IP Address

The new wallpaper. It uses the same sort of system as the iOS 14 Wallpaper design. It does look good though.

Now, we have Maps. Apple have been working hard on their maps recently, and now they are in a new ‘Explore’ Mode!

Again, privacy. This feature blocks companies from being able to see what you did with their emails.

Now, Weather. This is a side-by-side comparison of the old version to the new version. It’s clear to see how much more data there is.

Last, but not least, Messages. This is an image of the ‘Photo Stacks’ that have just been introduced. They look way nicer than before!

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