Joining The Blockchain

So, last week we discussed what the Blockchain is, so how do you join it?

We’ll show you how to get a wallet (it’s free), get a tiny amount of free crypto and then, if you want to buy some Tec Kids Token (TKK).


This one is really easy. Just download it from here.

Setting it up

Here, we’ll use the Chrome wallet.

  1. Open the Wallet by pressing the extensions button then clicking the fox:

2. Click Get Started > Yes, I’m new. > I agree

3. Choose a password

4. Click this path: Next > Remind Me Later

5. Click in the top right: Ethereum Mainnet > Add Network

Fill in these details:

Now save it.

Get some crypto!

Note: if you have some Ethereum use this website to move it to Polygon.

Now go to this site. (If you are on mobile, open the menu in MetaMask and use the in-built Browser)

Complete the CAPTCHA and press CONNECT.

Click Next > Connect

Now wait.

Buying Tec Kids Token

To Buy Tec Kids Token first you must purchase some, ENSURING that you put you address in the box in the description. You can find this at the top of MetaMask.

In MetaMask, click on ‘Import Token’ at the bottom of the screen. Paste this in the top box, labelled ‘Token Contract Address’: 0x26021Fe40CC57e25080f6F51E27e2D7bAa113975

Once purchased, in a day or so, you will receive your Tec Kids Token.

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