Make your Ring Devices work with HomeKit

The Ring device family is very broad, and it’s one of the best camera brands out there. Unfortunately, it has no support for HomeKit. In this guide, we will not only add it to HomeKit, but also enable HomeKit secure video, which will allow recordings for people with an Apple Home Hub devices, and a 50 gb or better iCloud plan.

We will cover in this guide setup on a Raspberry Pi, however other guides can be found here.

You need:

  • Raspberry Pi (with internet)
  • A Ring Device

Let’s begin! First, access the terminal of your Pi via SSH or on the device itself.

We need to get the real thing… Scrypted:

curl -s | sudo SERVICE_USER=$USER bash

This will take a good while, so be very patient!


If you are on the device you just installed Scrypted on, go to:


If it isn’t what you installed on:


In both cases, you will be given a message about it being insecure. you need to go into more info at the bottom and accept the warning

On the Scrypted console, click ‘Install’ at the top:

Search for ‘Ring’ then click the green install button. In the area with boxes for email and password, enter your Ring details, along with your 2FA code.

After each detail, press the green arrow.

Then, in the Plugins tab, click on Install, and search for HomeKit. Install it.

Then scan the QR code in the Apple Home app.

This will add the devices you have to HomeKit. It will give you recording options too.

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