The Cloud

What is it?

The cloud is a system of severs that are owned by a cloud company. Instead of servers that companies use to store their files, the cloud’s servers are in ‘Data Centres’ that houses thousands of servers in one place. This is very useful because if a problem occurs then it is economical enough to have people who can fix it on hand. This results in quicker fixes, meaning minutes of downtime compared to hours each person had their own server.

How do I use it?

For this you’ll need:

An Apple device

Some iCloud storage (we’ll look at this later)

Check iCloud storage:


Open System Preferences > Apple ID and you should see this:

At the bottom you will see how much space you have left. For this we recommend 50GB but this is optional. If you just have the 5GB and you want to upgrade click Manage > Buy More Storage and follow the on-screen instructions.


Open Settings > Your Name > iCloud and you should see this:

Upload Photos


Press the checkbox next to ‘Photos’. This will turn on iCloud Photos.


Press on the ‘Photos’ menu and switch on ‘iCloud Photos’. This is what your screen should look like:



Click ‘Options’ next to iCloud Drive. Click the checkbox next to ‘Desktop & Document Folders’ and any other apps that you would like for them to store their data in. Click ‘Done’.

That’s it! See you next week!

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