The New Macs

The M1 Chip

Like in the iPhones and iPads, Apple are adding their own silicon to Macs. They’re calling it the ‘M1’ chip with some amazing claims on performance and efficiency & if you want to see that check the keynote out:

The New Computers

MacBook Air

The first computer they introduced was the MacBook Air: their most popular Mac. It has an all new fan-less design and two USB4 ports.

MacBook Pro

The MacBook Pro is retaining it’s fan but the new chip is only available for the 13″, two USB 4 ports.

Mac Mini

The Mac Mini will benefit from the new chip as it allows for the power-hungry work of the Mac Mini that the new M1 chip provides on.


The issue with the M1 chip is it’s integrated RAM, meaning that once the computer is shipped, the RAM can’t be upgraded, meaning only 16GB of RAM can be in a Mac, meaning that high need workloads may bog down.

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