Video Editing

On your Mac/MacBook open the App Store and in the search bar type in iMovie. Press the Get button and complete all screens.

Once iMovie has downloaded, open it and hit ‘Create New’. Press ‘Movie’ on the pop-up screen.

Download these two videos:

Open your downloads folder and drag & drop ‘Paddle boarder’ into iMovie

Drop the selector in about the middle of the video:

Right Click and press ‘Split Clip’:

Click on ‘Transitions’:

Click on ‘Cross Blur’, the second option and drag it to where you just split the clip.

You added a Transition! You can also add Titles and other items. Try dragging in the other clip even!

Play around and send us your video once you are done.

You can turn the project into a video by clicking the share button in the Top Right-Hand corner and pressing ‘File’ on the pop-up screen.

This will come up:

Click on each box and explore the settings. Once you are done, click ‘Next’.

Press the ‘Save’ Button and the video will export.

Send us the video you have made at: [email protected] with ‘Project iMovie’ as the subject!

See you next week!

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