Author: tecdude

  • Simple Circuitry

    Bulb Holder Two crocodile clip wires Bulb Double AA battery holder Two AA batteries. Take your bulb & screw it into your bulb holder. Take your first crocodile wire. Clip one of the ‘Crocodile’ connectors onto one of the bare legs of your bulb holder & clip the other end onto one of the bare […]

  • Micro:Bit Rainbow Lights

    BBC Micro:Bit ZIP Halo for the BBC Micro:Bit AAA battery holder for ZIP Halo Three AAA This week’s challenge will show you how to use a Micro:Bit to have a rainbow at home. Maybe even put it in your window! Go to the BBC Micro:Bit website (  Open a new project by clicking the ‘New […]

  • Remote Access 2: SSH

    Weekly challenge No. 6 Raspberry Pi (setup, VNC or screen) Computer (needs SSH capability) tested with MacBook. To start use this command on your pi: This will show the pi’s IP address. Go to ‘Terminal’ on your Mac and type: When prompted enter your pi password. You will end up with access to your pi’s […]

  • Raspberry Pi Remote Access 1: VNC

    Weekly Challenge No.5 Raspberry Pi (Setup with screen, needs Internet) Another device (Connected to the Internet, Must be able to download VNC Viewer) VNC Viewer is a useful tool for coding and using your Raspberry Pi ‘headlessly’ with no screen. VNC Server is downloaded automatically on to the RPi when if you download Raspian with […]

  • File Server Customisation

    Weekly Challenge No.2 Server from last week A way to access your server’s command line A.K.A. shell Name Go into your server configuration file using this command: sudo nano /etc/samba/smb.conf Scroll down to the configuration text of your shared disk. At the top, it should say this: [share] change what’s in the brackets to what […]

  • Making A File Server

    What you need: Raspberry Pi with internet connection Firstly, install Samba with this command in the Terminal: Next, we need to make a shareable folder. Now that we’ve made this new folder, we need to configure it! Add this to the bottom: Now we need to add users to it: Enter your new password. Finally, […]