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  • macOS Big Sur

    The Good The All New Control Centre Being able to have one-click control of the system, like on the iPhone, is amazing. You can now easily enable Do Not Disturb, AirDrop and Screen Mirroring straight from the simple Control Centre is easy and simple. All-New Logos The new logos are attempting to look 3D, which […]

  • Smart Homes

    Smart homes and IoT seem like the future, but what are they? Well, they are when physical objects in your house that connect to WiFi and can be controlled remotely, usually via an app or website. We weigh up the pros and cons in the IoT article, so lets have a look at how you […]

  • The New Macs

    The M1 Chip Like in the iPhones and iPads, Apple are adding their own silicon to Macs. They’re calling it the ‘M1’ chip with some amazing claims on performance and efficiency & if you want to see that check the keynote out: The New Computers MacBook Air The first computer they introduced was the MacBook […]

  • Photos

    Taking photos with a phone can be amazing, a portable camera in your pocket. Burst If you are taking photos of moving objects, bursts can be great to take the best shot. Take a burst by holding the button down like so: Using this you can get the best shot of fireworks, seas and other […]

  • The Cloud

    Learn what the cloud is, what is stored in the cloud and how to use it!

  • New Apple Releases

    HomePod Mini It’s a super-compact, circular HomePod. With a U1 chip to support Ultra Wide Band tech meaning that Handoff, which allows you too easily pass your music from your iPhone to the HomePod, is going to get a re-vamp. Because of the £99 price tag, Apple has made an ‘Intercom’ system: allowing one HomePod […]

  • iOS 14

    iOS 14 was released recently bringing many new features, most notably Widgets on the home screen: This is great as you get an update whenever you open your phone. It’s amazing to get information as soon as you unlock your phone, without having to open any apps. With all the widgets taking up space on […]

  • GarageBand 2

    Mac/MacBook Open last week’s GarageBand file/project. This week we’re going to be adding lyrics to your song. Brainstorm time! Firstly we’re going to have to think about what you would like your song to be about: basically, we don’t want to do some mumbling so you need lyrics and for lyrics to make sense you […]

  • Garage Band

    Mac/Macbook Go to the App Store and search for ‘Garage Band’ Download it and open it up. Download any additional sounds. (there will be popups to help you do this) Let them download and once they have downloaded `Garage Band’ will launch. Click on ‘Empty Project’ and you’ll get an empty project window with a […]

  • Video Editing

    On your Mac/MacBook open the App Store and in the search bar type in iMovie. Press the Get button and complete all screens. Once iMovie has downloaded, open it and hit ‘Create New’. Press ‘Movie’ on the pop-up screen. Download these two videos: Open your downloads folder and drag & drop ‘Paddle boarder’ into iMovie […]