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  • macOS Big Sur

    The Good The All New Control Centre Being able to have one-click control of the system, like on the iPhone, is amazing. You can now easily enable Do Not Disturb, AirDrop and Screen Mirroring straight from the simple Control Centre is easy and simple. All-New Logos The new logos are attempting to look 3D, which […]

  • Smart Homes

    Smart homes and IoT seem like the future, but what are they? Well, they are when physical objects in your house that connect to WiFi and can be controlled remotely, usually via an app or website. We weigh up the pros and cons in the IoT article, so lets have a look at how you […]

  • Photos

    Taking photos with a phone can be amazing, a portable camera in your pocket. Burst If you are taking photos of moving objects, bursts can be great to take the best shot. Take a burst by holding the button down like so: Using this you can get the best shot of fireworks, seas and other […]

  • IoT

    The Internet of Things has many possibilities and uses. Lets have a look. The Good Ecological The IoT has a huge potential to make the world more ecological and sustainable. This is because if each device and object is on the internet and communicating with each other thus all of the devices will be able […]

  • Micro:Bit Basics

    The BBC Micro:Bit is an open source hardware computer with many features including: ARM based system Radio (To communicate with other Micro:Bits) Bluetooth 25 LED display Light Sensors Open the Micro:Bit Makecode page and scroll down and have a look around. Once you’ve had a look around click on the Flashing Heart tutorial and then […]

  • We’re going social! (Here’s how you can too)

    Recently, we’ve been going social on Twitter. In the inter-connected world that we live in today, Social Media is a huge form of communication today. Have a look at ours latest Tweets: Enough about us! Here’s how you can make your own Twitter account (with your parents permission, if you’re under 13) Go to the […]

  • Passwords & Privacy

    In the world we live in today privacy and security in computers is one of the most important things in our lives to be secure. As Apple lovers here at Tec Kids we have found that, unlike other companies, Apple’s view is ‘Privacy is an essential human right’ this is what they say: Once […]

  • Raspberry Pi Setup

    Raspberry Pi (WiFi model best) Micro SD card Power Cable (might come with Pi) HDMI cable (one end micro-HDMI if you need it) Screen with HDMI port Keyboard with USB Mouse with USB Mac WIFI connection Mini SD card to SD convertor USB – SD card convertor (if necessary) Download the Raspberry Pi imager by […]

  • Simple Circuitry

    Bulb Holder Two crocodile clip wires Bulb Double AA battery holder Two AA batteries. Take your bulb & screw it into your bulb holder. Take your first crocodile wire. Clip one of the ‘Crocodile’ connectors onto one of the bare legs of your bulb holder & clip the other end onto one of the bare […]