Parrot Shooting Game

Creating the Parrot Sprite Delete¬†the¬†default¬†sprite¬†(cat¬†figure)¬†(Right-Click¬†ÔɆ¬†Delete) Import¬†the¬†Parrot¬†sprite¬†(Choose¬†new¬†Sprite¬†from¬†file)¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Decrease¬†the¬†size¬†of¬†the¬†Parrot¬† Click¬†on¬†Shrink Sprite Click¬†on¬†the¬†Parrot¬†until correct¬†size 2.  Getting the Parrot to move across the screen forever Go¬†to¬†the¬†Scripts¬†section¬†of¬†the¬†Parrot¬†Sprite Add¬†the¬†Script:¬†when¬†¬†clicked: Parrot¬†to¬†move¬†forward¬†10¬†steps¬†forever The parrot will now move to the right until it touches the edge of your screen 3.  Getting the Parrot to bounce back when touching the edge of the screen 1.  Add the if on edge, bounce motion script The parrot now flies in circles, how can we make the parrot move randomly around the screen: In number of steps it moves forward Different angles when touching the edge of the screen Use the Random Scripts… Continue reading Parrot Shooting Game

Micro:Bit Games

Intro The game we’re going to make is Split or Steal. It’s a game of cunning and trickery in which the play must decide whether to ‘Split’ the prize or ‘Steal’ from the opponent. How To As always, begin by making a new Micro:Bit Project at Micro:Bit MakeCode. Click on ‘New Project” to open up… Continue reading Micro:Bit Games

Christmas Tech

Christmas is here! There are so many projects to try: Micro:Bit Snowflakes To decorate your windows! You’ll Need: Micro:Bit (Preferably more than one) A Mac, PC or Raspberry Pi Open Micro Bit Make Code and make a new project and name it: Christmas Snowflake. Open the Radio menu: Drag a ‘Radio Set Group’ block into… Continue reading Christmas Tech


You need: Raspberry Pi (Setup & connected to the internet) Open the command line. Install Apache (Hosting system): Lets break this code up: sudo: this gives you permission to do this apt-get install: tells the system to install something apache2: the package being installed -y: tells the system that it can do it Once Apache… Continue reading PHP

Micro:Bit Step Counter

You need: Micro:Bit (with power pack) Micro USB Cable Computer that the non-Micro USB end of the can be plugged in Start by opening the BBC Micro:Bit MakeCode page. Click on new project and name it ‘Step Counter’ then press the Create button. Open the ‘Basic’ menu and drag a ‘Show String’ block out and… Continue reading Micro:Bit Step Counter

GarageBand 2

Mac/MacBook Open last week’s GarageBand file/project. This week we’re going to be adding lyrics to your song. Brainstorm time! Firstly we’re going to have to think about what you would like your song to be about: basically, we don’t want to do some mumbling so you need lyrics and for lyrics to make sense you… Continue reading GarageBand 2

Garage Band

Mac/Macbook Go to the App Store and search for ‘Garage Band’ Download it and open it up. Download any additional sounds. (there will be popups to help you do this) Let them download and once they have downloaded `Garage Band’ will launch. Click on ‘Empty Project’ and you’ll get an empty project window with a… Continue reading Garage Band

Video Editing

On your Mac/MacBook open the App Store and in the search bar type in iMovie. Press the Get button and complete all screens. Once iMovie has downloaded, open it and hit ‘Create New’. Press ‘Movie’ on the pop-up screen. Download these two videos: Open your downloads folder and drag & drop ‘Paddle boarder’ into iMovie… Continue reading Video Editing


Raspberry Pi Download this html file we’ll be working on: We’re going to add some extra features including: Scrolling text Titles Type in above the <p></p> line but below the top <html>: Replace [Your Title] with the title you would like. You can change ‘Hello World’ to whatever you like. Now, we promised some scrolling… Continue reading HTML

Python Basics 2

Simple Code Raspberry Pi (Same as past two weeks) This week we’re looking at some simple coding in Python. We’ll get some input from the user, then get another number. We’re going to make a calculator that bites back! First, open Menu>Programming>Thonny Python IDE and write this into the main section (not shell): Press run… Continue reading Python Basics 2