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  • iOS 15 Hands On

    We got access to the iOS 15 Beta, so here’s all the brand new features in it! Firstly, Focus. This is an adapted version of Apple’s pre-existing Do Not Disturb Feature. You set it up in settings, choosing who and what can send you notifications when this feature is enabled. Here you can see the […]

  • macOS Big Sur

    The Good The All New Control Centre Being able to have one-click control of the system, like on the iPhone, is amazing. You can now easily enable Do Not Disturb, AirDrop and Screen Mirroring straight from the simple Control Centre is easy and simple. All-New Logos The new logos are attempting to look 3D, which […]

  • New Apple Releases

    HomePod Mini It’s a super-compact, circular HomePod. With a U1 chip to support Ultra Wide Band tech meaning that Handoff, which allows you too easily pass your music from your iPhone to the HomePod, is going to get a re-vamp. Because of the £99 price tag, Apple has made an ‘Intercom’ system: allowing one HomePod […]