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  • How The Internet Works

    Now we know that the internet relies on a massive network of undersea cables, we can get rid of the common misconception that the internet relies on satellites. But where does every web page we load come from? Well, the internet isn’t a hub that everything connects into, it’s in fact a network, this means […]

  • PHP

    You need: Raspberry Pi (Setup & connected to the internet) Open the command line. Install Apache (Hosting system): Lets break this code up: sudo: this gives you permission to do this apt-get install: tells the system to install something apache2: the package being installed -y: tells the system that it can do it Once Apache […]

  • Web Hosting

    Raspberry Pi (Setup) In Terminal, which is: In Terminal enter: Once that is done enter this: This makes your user (pi) own the folder that the HTML files need to go into. Open ‘File Manager’ which is one left of Terminal. In the box that says /home/pi click on it and remove /home/pi and replace […]

  • HTML

    Raspberry Pi Download this html file we’ll be working on: We’re going to add some extra features including: Scrolling text Titles Type in above the <p></p> line but below the top <html>: Replace [Your Title] with the title you would like. You can change ‘Hello World’ to whatever you like. Now, we promised some scrolling […]