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  • Raspberry Pi Setup

    Raspberry Pi (WiFi model best) Micro SD card Power Cable (might come with Pi) HDMI cable (one end micro-HDMI if you need it) Screen with HDMI port Keyboard with USB Mouse with USB Mac WIFI connection Mini SD card to SD convertor USB – SD card convertor (if necessary) Download the Raspberry Pi imager by […]

  • Python Basics 2

    Simple Code Raspberry Pi (Same as past two weeks) This week we’re looking at some simple coding in Python. We’ll get some input from the user, then get another number. We’re going to make a calculator that bites back! First, open Menu>Programming>Thonny Python IDE and write this into the main section (not shell): Press run […]

  • Python Basics

    Maths Raspberry Pi (Same as last week) Go into Thonny like last week. In the Shell: Write 355 / 113 into the Shell: Press enter and you will see a number within a millionth of Pi: One of Python’s many features is its ability to calculate calculations without shortening the result as conventional calculators do. […]

  • Beginning Python

    Raspberry Pi (Setup, doesn’t need WI-FI or ethernet) On your Raspberry Pi open your menu (A Raspberry Pi symbol in the top left-hand corner). Hover over ‘Programming’ and click on ‘Thonny Python IDE’ Type in: Press ‘Run’ and at the save screen click on this: And do this: Press ‘Create’ and in the ‘Name’ field: […]

  • Remote Access 2: SSH

    Weekly challenge No. 6 Raspberry Pi (setup, VNC or screen) Computer (needs SSH capability) tested with MacBook. To start use this command on your pi: This will show the pi’s IP address. Go to ‘Terminal’ on your Mac and type: When prompted enter your pi password. You will end up with access to your pi’s […]

  • Raspberry Pi Remote Access 1: VNC

    Weekly Challenge No.5 Raspberry Pi (Setup with screen, needs Internet) Another device (Connected to the Internet, Must be able to download VNC Viewer) VNC Viewer is a useful tool for coding and using your Raspberry Pi ‘headlessly’ with no screen. VNC Server is downloaded automatically on to the RPi when if you download Raspian with […]

  • File Server Customisation

    Weekly Challenge No.2 Server from last week A way to access your server’s command line A.K.A. shell Name Go into your server configuration file using this command: sudo nano /etc/samba/smb.conf Scroll down to the configuration text of your shared disk. At the top, it should say this: [share] change what’s in the brackets to what […]

  • Making A File Server

    What you need: Raspberry Pi with internet connection Firstly, install Samba with this command in the Terminal: Next, we need to make a shareable folder. Now that we’ve made this new folder, we need to configure it! Add this to the bottom: Now we need to add users to it: Enter your new password. Finally, […]