Scratch – Catch The Apples

This is the game we’re going to end up with: You need to open a new scratch project, You need to make these pieces of code as show below. Extensions: Choose your own¬†sprites. Increase¬†the points for edible fruit¬†caught. Reduce¬†the score for anything inedible (like falling spiders!) caught. Comment all of your code (sequence, selection, iteration)

Parrot Shooting Game

Creating the Parrot Sprite Delete¬†the¬†default¬†sprite¬†(cat¬†figure)¬†(Right-Click¬†ÔɆ¬†Delete) Import¬†the¬†Parrot¬†sprite¬†(Choose¬†new¬†Sprite¬†from¬†file)¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Decrease¬†the¬†size¬†of¬†the¬†Parrot¬† Click¬†on¬†Shrink Sprite Click¬†on¬†the¬†Parrot¬†until correct¬†size 2.  Getting the Parrot to move across the screen forever Go¬†to¬†the¬†Scripts¬†section¬†of¬†the¬†Parrot¬†Sprite Add¬†the¬†Script:¬†when¬†¬†clicked: Parrot¬†to¬†move¬†forward¬†10¬†steps¬†forever The parrot will now move to the right until it touches the edge of your screen 3.  Getting the Parrot to bounce back when touching the edge of the screen 1.  Add the if on edge, bounce motion script The parrot now flies in circles, how can we make the parrot move randomly around the screen: In number of steps it moves forward Different angles when touching the edge of the screen Use the Random Scripts… Continue reading Parrot Shooting Game

Shark Tank Game

To begin open a new project on scratch. Shark Tank Game 1) Creating Mr Shark Right click on the Cat Sprite and delete the cat Add the Shark sprite Reduce the size of the shark 2) Moving the Shark up, down, forward, backward Now try to do the same for the Right Arrow key, does the Shark point in the right direction when you click the right arrow? 3) Make sure the Shark appears in the middle of the screen When the Green flag is clicked the Shark should appear in the middle of the screen pointing to theright. What is the right code??? Answer: 4) Make the Shark performing a biting motion Click on Import Add Shark 1‚Äźa Change the Code to enable the shark to switchcostumes (see below) 5) Changing the Background Click on Stage Click on Backgrounds Import the Underwater background Delete the white background 6) Adding Fish Click on Choose new Sprite Add a Fish sprite (you choose) Make the Fish smaller 7) Make the fish move automatically from left to right Click on the Fish Sprite You should know how to make the fish move automatically and bounce off the edge Here is the code if you need help: How can we make sure the fish keeps swimming the right way up all the time? Tip: it is somewhere in the instruction 1! The shark can now easily catch the fish as the fish swims back and forth Instructions: I want the fish to swim from the left edge of the tank to the right The fish needs to start randomly at the left side of the tank When the fish hits the right edge of the tank the fish needs to re‚Äźappear on the left side of the tank ina random position Let‚Äôs try to create the correct code… Continue reading Shark Tank Game