Christmas Tech

Christmas is here! There are so many projects to try: Micro:Bit Snowflakes To decorate your windows! You’ll Need: Micro:Bit (Preferably more than one) A Mac, PC or Raspberry Pi Open Micro Bit Make Code and make a new project and name it: Christmas Snowflake. Open the Radio menu: Drag a ‘Radio Set Group’ block into… Continue reading Christmas Tech

macOS Big Sur

The Good The All New Control Centre Being able to have one-click control of the system, like on the iPhone, is amazing. You can now easily enable Do Not Disturb, AirDrop and Screen Mirroring straight from the simple Control Centre is easy and simple. All-New Logos The new logos are attempting to look 3D, which… Continue reading macOS Big Sur

The New Macs

The M1 Chip Like in the iPhones and iPads, Apple are adding their own silicon to Macs. They’re calling it the ‘M1’ chip with some amazing claims on performance and efficiency & if you want to see that check the keynote out: The New Computers MacBook Air The first computer they introduced was the MacBook… Continue reading The New Macs

We’re going social! (Here’s how you can too)

Recently, we’ve been going social on Twitter. In the inter-connected world that we live in today, Social Media is a huge form of communication today. Have a look at ours latest Tweets: Enough about us! Here’s how you can make your own Twitter account (with your parents permission, if you’re under 13) Go to the… Continue reading We’re going social! (Here’s how you can too)