How The Internet Works

One of our tweets explaining the cables behind the internet.

Now we know that the internet relies on a massive network of undersea cables, we can get rid of the common misconception that the internet relies on satellites. But where does every web page we load come from?

Well, the internet isn’t a hub that everything connects into, it’s in fact a network, this means that your computer is connecting directly to YouTube whenever you want to watch a video.

Lets keep going with this YouTube analogy as we explain how you watch your favourite video:

Whenever you connect to YouTube because you’ve been Rick Rolled, you are connecting to one of YouTubes servers via many miles of cables. When the server receives the request, it sends back the video and the page that the video is in. The suggested videos on the side and the comments are loaded from the server as you scroll down to see them. This is a technique used all across the internet called ‘Lazy Loading’ it means that pages use less data and are faster to load.

So, that’s how the internet works. If you want to learn more on the way the internet is coded have a look at our web development projects.

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