The Blockchain!

We’ve all heard someone mention crypto mining or Bitcoin or blockchain, but really, what are they?

We’ll explain cryptos and mining in different projects, but right now, we’re just explaining what the blockchain is.


This is one of the most important things, and the reason that the blockchain even exists is to keep cryptos (Money!) secure. It stops hackers from stealing crypto or making extra for themselves.


So, we now know that the Blockchain is used to make money secure, but how does it work? Well, data is stored in blocks, which are groups of data. Each of these blocks are given a name, which is called a hash. Block names aren’t Bob or Dave, they are 0xhfnfhhrghbft5eyh4HGFF7H or 0x5h5h5hGHG64fsdfhhdgje.

Each block remembers its own name, and the name of the one block before it. Why? Well, because if the data in a block changes, like a hacker might try to do, its name changes, which would confuse the block that is after it. Computers that run the Blockchain pick up on this and change the block back.

By this process, the blockchain becomes almost impossible to hack.

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