The Internet of Things has many possibilities and uses. Lets have a look.

The Good


The IoT has a huge potential to make the world more ecological and sustainable. This is because if each device and object is on the internet and communicating with each other thus all of the devices will be able to be more efficient.

As an example, if each kettle in each house was connected to the IoT and there was a football match on television, then instead of each person switching on the kettle at the same time (which causes huge stress on the grid) the kettles could each boil on its own or with a group spread across the country causing less grid stress.

Your toaster in London could be communicating with a wind turbine in Scotland, working out when to switch on or off or wether the wind turbine needs to produce more or less energy.


IoT devices completely wipe out our worries of ‘did I leave the lights on?’ or ‘did I lock the door?’. Because IoT devices or ‘Smart’ devices connect to the internet they can be controlled via phones or web-apps.

The Bad


One problem with IoT devices is that if they are hacked they can cause lots of problems in your home, as well as showing whether you are in or not.

For example, if somebody hacks a smart camera then they can see if you are in, hear what you say. This problem will be solved over time as device security gets better.

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