File Server Customisation

Weekly Challenge No.2

Server from last week

A way to access your server’s command line A.K.A. shell


Go into your server configuration file using this command:

sudo nano /etc/samba/smb.conf

Scroll down to the configuration text of your shared disk. At the top, it should say this: [share] change what’s in the brackets to what you would like your server to be called inside of the main server ‘neighbourhood’. As you will see when you view inside the server ‘neighbourhood’ the name has changed! You have completed part.1 of server customisation. To change the neighbourhood name go to the Raspberry Pi configuration page (ideally through the desktop if you are using a monitor or VNC Viewer (We will go through that at some point, but if you want to find out more now go to the Raspberry Pi ‘remote access’ pages here. If you are on desktop open ‘Raspberry Pi Configuration’ in settings on the app finder in the top left-hand corner of the screen. Change the text in the ‘Hostname’ box (Default: Raspberrypi) to what you would like your neighbourhood to be called. If you are command-line only run sudo raspi-config and select option 2 ‘Network Options’ Then select N1 ‘Hostname’ and follow on-screen instructions. You have now completed part.2 of your server customisation!

See you next week!

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