Raspberry Pi Remote Access 1: VNC

Weekly Challenge No.5

Raspberry Pi (Setup with screen, needs Internet)

Another device (Connected to the Internet, Must be able to download VNC Viewer)

VNC Viewer is a useful tool for coding and using your Raspberry Pi ‘headlessly’ with no screen. VNC Server is downloaded automatically on to the RPi when if you download Raspian with desktop and recommended applications.

Go to: https://www.realvnc.com/en/connect/download/viewer/ and download/install VNC Viewer on to your computer.

Once you have VNC Viewer installed start it up, close any pop-ups and you should have a blank window with a text box at the top. On your Raspberry Pi type this into the shell (Command Line):

hostname -I

It will make a number. Enter this number into the box at the top of your VNC Viewer window your other computer.

On your pi enter:

sudo rasps-config

Use your arrow keys to go to option 5: ‘Interfacing Options’. Press enter.

Go to option P3, Press enter and ensure ‘Yes’ is selected and press enter.

Press enter on your other computer and pass through the pop-ups

Press enter and you’ll be shown your pi’s screen!

That’s it for this week!

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