Raspberry Pi Setup

  • Raspberry Pi (WiFi model best)
  • Micro SD card
  • Power Cable (might come with Pi)
  • HDMI cable (one end micro-HDMI if you need it)
  • Screen with HDMI port
  • Keyboard with USB
  • Mouse with USB
  • Mac
  • WIFI connection
  • Mini SD card to SD convertor
  • USB – SD card convertor (if necessary)

Download the Raspberry Pi imager by going to the link and clicking ‘Imager for MacOS’

Follow the instructions to install the imager.

Open it up and select the top option for ‘Choose OS’ of ‘Raspberry Pi OS’ and select your card in the ‘Choose Card’ section.

Once you have done that click ‘Write’ and let it do its thing!

Once it has finished eject the card from your Mac

Pop it in the Raspberry Pi’s slot and leave it.

Plug the HDMI cable into the Pi and screen and plug the screen in without turning it on.

Plug the keyboard and mouse into the USB slots.

Turn it all on and you should see the Pi’s desktop.

You’ve successfully set up your Pi! have a look at some of our other projects and have fun coding!

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