Simple Circuitry

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Bulb Holder

Two crocodile clip wires


Double AA battery holder

Two AA batteries.

Take your bulb & screw it into your bulb holder.

Take your first crocodile wire. Clip one of the ‘Crocodile’ connectors onto one of the bare legs of your bulb holder & clip the other end onto one of the bare sections of wire from your battery holder.

Repeat step two with your second wire on the other bare section of wire of the battery holder & the other bare leg of the bulb holder.

Safety First:

Regularly check that the battery isn’t getting hot and if it is take it out!

Put your two batteries into the battery holder & the bulb should light up. If your bulb didn’t light check the polarities of the batteries, your connections are secure & your bulb is in the holder securely.

If your bulb did light up then you are complete! See you next week!

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