Micro:Bit Snowflakes

You’ll Need:

  1. Micro:Bit (Preferably more than one)
  2. A Mac, PC or Raspberry Pi

Open Micro Bit Make Code and make a new project and name it: Christmas Snowflake.

Open the Radio menu:

Drag a ‘Radio Set Group’ block into ‘On Start’. Click the 1 on the ‘Radio Set Group’ block and type 100 in.

Now open the ‘Basic’ menu and drag a ‘Show String’ block in:

Replace ‘Hello’ with ‘Press A to start’

Next, you need to drag a ‘On Button Pressed’ in from the ‘Input’ menu:

Drag a ‘Radio Send Number’ block in from the Radio menu. Next you need to drag a ‘Show LEDs’ block from ‘Basic’ into the ‘Press Button’ block and create this pattern:

You have now completed the first piece of code! Now we need to create the slave code.

Create a new project and name it ‘Christmas Snowflakes Slave’.

Like before, put a ‘Radio Set Group’ block from the Radio menu in ‘On Start’ and set it to 100.

Next you must get a ‘On Radio Received’ block from the ‘Radio’ menu:

Drag a ‘Show LEDs’ block into the ‘On Radio Received’ block. Recreate the image as before:

You have now written the code. Click ‘Home’ in the top left of your screen. Enter the ‘Christmas Snowflakes’ code and click ‘Download’ in the bottom left of your screen and follow the instructions. For the other Micro:Bits repeat with the Slave code.

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