Raspberry Pi Smart Home

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi Power Supply

Screen (idealy)

Keyboard (idealy)

Mouse (idealy)

An iPhone

Homebridge App (idealy)

Either go to the Command Line Instructions or follow the instructions on the app.

Install Hombridge Config UI X

Install Homebridge Config UI X using the following command:

sudo npm install -g –unsafe-perm homebridge-config-ui-x

Install it from the app by going via Plugins and via + to the universal plugin installer. In the textbox write: homebridge-config-ui-x then click install.

The Homebridge Config UI X web interface will allow you to install, remove/update plugins, and modify the Homebridge config.json and manage other parts of your Homebridge service.

Login to the web interface by going to http://<ip address of your server>:8581.

The default user is admin with password admin.

To find the IP address of your server you can run:

hostname -I

Download Homebridge Raspberry Pi Temperature by going to the universal plugin installer and using the instructions above to install the homebridge-raspberrypi-temperature plugin.

If you have added the bridge to Apple Home and downloaded the Temperature Plugin you should be able to constantly monitor the temperature of your pi’s CPU.

See you next week!

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